How I wrote my first film book and hints and tips for filmmakers.

Here's the Facebook live video that I recorded last year to support the launch of my film book, "Shooting Better Movies: The Student Filmmakers' Guide". You can buy the book on Amazon by clicking this link: BUY SHOOTING BETTER MOVIES

In the video, I talk about how the book came about, how it got published and advice on how to write your own book, whatever the subject.

I also discuss the chapters and content in the book and go through each section as time-coded below.

Feel free to skip to any bits you might feel relevant.

4.20 - Origins of the book.

5.20 - Michael Wiese Publishers.

6.50 - Writing habits, secrets to writing a book.

9.05 - Excuses as to why you can't do something.

10.30 - Book content, introduction, writing/scripts.

11.50 - Producing, feature film mistakes, limiting the variables.

13.35 - Camera/lighting. What is good cinematography?

14.30 - Sound.

15.35 - Directing.

18.30 - Directing actors.

19.40 - Action verbs and actors

21.50 - The 10-second directing rule.

22.50 - Rehearsals are a good thing.

24.45 - Editing.

25.50 - The three secrets to filmmaking.

30.00 - Get Your Shit Together.

34.20 - Final thoughts, fear and self doubt.

35.26 - Student film, ambitious projects, resourcefulness, excuses, high standards.

39.05 - Cake analogy and fear.

40.40 - Student attitudes.

47.02 - Common traits in student films.

48.47 - Answering questions from viewers.

49.51 - Common traits continued...

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